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Our latest advanced high strength family of steels, NEXMET® AHSS, is a testament to both chemistry and process innovation. This new carbon steel enables stronger, thinner, and lighter automotive solutions. Our advanced high strength offerings also include Dual Phase steels that combine a hard (martensite) phase within a soft (ferrite) matrix to achieve necessary strength and formality requirements. Additionally, we offer ULTRALUME® PHS, a press hardenable, aluminized, boron steel for applications approaching strengths up to 1500 MPa.

With our subject matter experts and innovative products, partnering with AK 中博手机app手机app will help provide the vehicle that a consumer not only needs, but wants.

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Advanced Engineering

Our Advanced Engineering team works with customers to design advanced high strength steel into future vehicle platforms to achieve weight reduction, while maintaining or improving vehicle performance. Using the latest Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) techniques and software, needs and questions regarding linear and nonlinear loading, fatigue and crash optimization are all addressed quickly and confidently.

Advanced High Strength 中博手机app手机app

Leading edge steel technology and expertise have enabled us to produce some of the first, commercially available, next generation advanced high strength steels.

Research and Innovation Center

With the latest technology and brightest minds, we will continue to improve and innovate to produce steels that will address future needs, today. We are not just talking about innovation, we are making innovation happen.


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